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Taste: Red fruit, hazelnut, black tea, red grape, butter & toffee.

Region: Beneficio Palmichal, Palmichal, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Honey processed

Roast Type: Espresso

Background: Don Orlando, the owner of La Cuesta, uses the Palmichal mill to process his coffee cherries. At delivery Orlando make sure it’s the ripest cherries and that they have sorted and separated the unripe cherries. At Palmichal they keep track of every stage the coffee goes through. During this whole process the coffee is going to be separated in different stages: the first one is the floating system. In this phase they cover the cherries with clean water. The floating system allows separation of over-ripe dried and disease cherries. The second one happens when the depulping machine separates the skin and pulp from the beans, after this step the cherries pass through a type of screen machine called “Criba”, that separates the properly pulped cherries from the rest. For the honey process, they leave as much mucilage as the machine allows them to on the beans.
Palmichal is a mill with a goal to find the ideal process for each particular farm & varietal, based on the brix content, varietal, weather, and time of harvest. Their state-of-the-art micro mill includes patios for sun-drying and elevated beds for more rigorous drying. For inclement weather, which global climate change seems to sending more off our way, we have a green house and specially designed drum driers. All this enables us to process our coffees as washed conventional, varying grades of honey processes, and naturals. Throughout the whole process we are able to painstakingly separate every lot of coffee in order to assure full traceability and a stable cup quality.

Roasted in Melbourne