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Taste: Clean caramel sweetness, sparkling acidity, grapefruit, mandarin & red berries.

Region: Ayeco Mount, Santa Ana

Process: Honey

Roast Type: Espresso

Background: The Finca San Joaquin belongs to the Pacas family since
1906 and covers 31 hectares along the high point along the eastern slopes of the Lamatepec volcano. The Pacas family affectionately calls Finca San Joaquin “the
farm of the morning sun,” due to its position on the volcano. The farm itself was named after the husband of Señora Santa Ana, the patron saint of the nearby city of Santa Ana. The coffees are hand-picked and once they are harvested they go to the Mill Vivagua. There the coffees are sundried on brick patios for 11 days to slowly eliminate the excess of humidity. After that the coffees are again hand-pick by Salvadoran women in order to eliminate defective beans.

Roasted in Melbourne