Strada Coffee is Melbourne born and raised. We’re not part of a large corporate group. We’re 100% independently owned. We are obsessed with coffee and have over 18 years experience to prove it. We’re here to share our knowledge and continue to make Melbourne the best coffee city on the planet.

Our Coffee

We purchase the world’s highest quality green coffee beans. We always aim to trade with green bean merchants who practice social, economic and environmentally sustainable coffee production at origin. Once in our possession, each origin is roasted individually to allow the unique attributes of each varietal to reach their maximum potential. We rely on our years of experience to experiment with our coffee, cupping and tweaking to establish an ideal roast profile for each origin. We then blend our coffee to develop the unique signature blends Strada Coffee is known and loved for.


Our Roaster

Our roaster of choice is a state of the art Brambati.

Brambati has evolved their technology over 70 years with a particular focus on automation and roast flexibility. Through the use of our roasters specialised software and automated procedures, we’re able to roast with perfect consistency and produce quality coffee every time.