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Taste: Sweet lemon, malt, soft honey

Region: Shevaroy Hills

Process: Honey Infused

Roast Type: Espresso

Background: Riverdale Estate is located in the Eastern Ghats Mountains, locally known as the Shevaroys Hills. All the coffee is grown under shade which helps to retain moisture in the soil and adds to the biodiversity on the farm. With harvests generally taking place from December to March, the growing altitude at the estate is around 1450 masl and the variety planted are Selection 9 and 5B.The farm owner, Prakash Balaraman has taken the honey process to the next level.Always looking to improve and add complexity to the flavour profile, this year they are excited to introduce “Honey Infused” coffee. Only the ripest cherries are hand picked with the help of brix meter to check the level of the sugar in the cherries. Once picked, they are hand sorted visually and with a flotation tank to thoroughly separate the imperfect cherries from the batch. The cherries are pulped with a remainder of 60% mucilage left on the seed, aka yellow honey, and infused with wild honey sourced from
the region. It is then fermented for 48 hours in an airtight bag and finally dried in a raised bed. There was only 240kg produced by this process in 2019.

Roasted in Melbourne